Billings is Montana's city

Where urban meets rural and residents experience the convenience of city amenities while enjoying a suburban lifestyle. 

Come see why you're better off in Billings.
What to do on your First Night In Billings Where to Eat, Shop, Have Fun and Sleep in Billings.

What To Do On Your First Night In Billings

Eat, Shop, Have Fun, Sleep
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There’s space for you here.

Billings is a vibrant community with the perfect mix of urban and rural amenities to fit any lifestyle. As a regional hub for education, oil & gas, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and agriculture it’s easy to excel here. If you have a dream, it’s achievable in Billings.
It is amazing the number of residents who took the leap, made the move, and found that they are truly “Better off in Billings.” It is real, not just a slogan. They found a community where the Big Sky is the limit, where people are ready to help and where access to opportunities are plentiful. We have a network of great people ready to tell you all about life in Billings and what you might encounter here. Let’s talk!

You truly are better off in Billings!

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Stories from Locals

Still not sure you believe us? Meet some in our community and hear why they believe they are Better Off in Billings! These videos are glaces into their lifestyles, their career lives, and a point of view of Billings that is distinctly their own. BE. GROW. PLAY.

Interested in learning more about our great city? Visit the Big Sky Economic Development YouTube Channel.

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Billings Movers Guide - Digital Download

Billings Mover’s Guide

Billings is Montana’s city and we’re excited you’re here.
Whether you’re moving here for a job opportunity, to be closer to your family, or to start the business of your dreams we’re here to help connect you with the resources and people that will make you feel at home. The first thing we recommend is downloading our Billings Mover’s Guide. It’s chock full of useful information about our neighborhoods, who to call for internet and utility hookups, and what it’s like living in Montana’s city. See you around town!
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Ask a local.

Have questions about what Billings is really like?

Are you relocating or thinking about it? Wondering what it’s like to be in the financial industry in Billings? Real Estate? An entrepreneur? Reach out to one of our local ambassadors. Better Off in Billings local ambassadors are official representatives of Billings – a friendly face and resource full of insights and recommendations to help you navigate your new community.
Ask questions and get connected!
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Get to Know Billings with Genia Castro Waller
Get to Know Billings with Julie Seedhouse
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Billings Factoid #672
1st in the State

Billings is home to Montana's first four-year medical school. Rocky Vista University -- Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine will open its doors to its first students in 2023.

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